Slimming Treatments

The inch loss body wrap is a detox treatment which aids detoxification helping with cellulite and water retention. The specialized wrapping techniques tones and firms the body whilst safely removing toxins from within the body, providing inch loss. The anti – cellulite massage uses a mixture of  Cavitation,  light therapy and mechanical massage to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. The system safely delivers heat into fatty tissue to target loose or dimpled skin and problem areas. This combination of technology helps to shrink fat cells and boost lymphatic drainage and circulation as well as firming and smoothing the skin by stimulating collagen production
Slimming Treatments
Inch Loss Body Wrap £60
Anti-Cellulite Massage £45/£55
Shrinking violet body wrap £55
Lipo Therapy Massage £45/£55
Post-Surgery £52
Lipo-Cavitation £52
Radio Frequency £55
Brazilian butt Lift £75
(Slimming Treatment Package Deals available)
Lipo Therapy
Lipo Therapy Massage 30 mins £40
Course of 6 Treatments £220
Lipo Therapy Massage 45 mins £55
Course of 6 Treatments £310